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Pare' and Simmons top the ballot in North

NORTH ATTLEBORO - Six of the seven town councilors seeking a second term will be back when the new fiscal year begins on July 1.

Incumbent Justin Pare' topped the ballot with 1,068 votes and will automatically become council president, as a result; incumbent John Simmons will be the council's vice president by finishing second with 1,013 votes.

Andrea Slobogan finished third with 990 votes, former selectman Patrick Reynolds was fourth with 893 votes, incumbent Jo Ann Cathcart was fifth with 869 votes, incumbent Darius Gregory was sixth with 789 votes, incumbent Kathleen Prescott was seventh with 756 votes, Andrew Shanahan - who filled the seat when Adam Scanlon became the town’s state representative - was eighth with 749 votes and Mark Gould Jr was elected in the number-nine position with 713 votes.

Daniel Donovan was next with 636 votes, John Donohue Jr finished with 620 and incumbent Julie Boyce – who did not campaign – was last with only 468 votes.

Pare’, Simmons and Slobogan joined North TV's live election coverage Tuesday night. Pare’ disclosed that he thought he might top the ballot, but didn't want to think too far ahead..

The new town council won’t take office until July 1.

The first meeting of the lame-duck council will hold its first meeting since the election on Monday night at 7 p.m.

Monday's hybrid meeting will be cablecast live on the North TV Government Channel: Comcast channel 98 and Verizon channel 23.

It will also be streamed live on northtv.net.

Incumbent John Casey topped the ballot for the two three-year seats on the board of electric commission.

Casey almost had as many votes as the other two candidates combined, finishing with 1,050 votes. Craig Cameron will serve on the board thanks to his 614 votes. William Carlson finished third with 589 votes.

There were only three candidates for the three three-year seats available on the school committee.

Tasha Buzzell was first with 1,058 votes, incumbent Kathryn Hobbs was second with 1,042 votes and Joseph Flaherty was third with 990 votes. Unlike the council, terms for the new school committee members start immediately.

Click below to stream highlights of Pare', Simons and Slobogan appearing on North TV Tuesday night.