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Poirier & Dooley in minority in police reform vote

NORTH ATTLEBORO - When the Massachusetts House of Representatives passed a sweeping police reform bill late in the night last week North Attleboro’s representative Betty Poirier and Plainville’s Shawn Dooley were among the 66 members in the minority voting in opposition.


The bill bars police from using crowd-control measures like tear gas, rubber bullets and dogs, except under certain life-threatening situations. Law enforcement officials would also be required to intervene and report instances when other officers use excessive force and set up a statewide system to certify and decertify officers.


It would also eliminate qualified immunity for officers - protection district attorneys, judges and elected officials receive.


Poirier was in our North TV studio on Friday and explained why she opposed the bill.


Click below to stream Poirier's interview with North TV: