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Schools seek money for capital projects

NORTH ATTLEBORO - School committee members approved the department’s CIP request of ten items for the fiscal year beginning July 1 during their virtual meeting Monday night.

The purchase and installation of stands for the high school’s Raymond E. Beaupre Jr. Field, the replacement of aging generators used for emergency lighting at three elementary schools and air handlers for the middle and high schools were three of the items approved by a 5-2 vote.

In addition, Superintendent Scott Holcomb reported that a recent survey found that many parents of the department’s youngest students would rather pull their children out of the town’s current hybrid model and go fully remote instead of sending them back to in-person learning four days a week.

Eight hundred parents of kindergarten through second-grade students were asked if they wanted their children to return to in-classroom learning beyond the current two days.

Nearly 70 percent of parents responded.

"Many parents want to pull out of hybrid and have their children attend fully remote (classes) because they know that social distancing would decrease to less than six feet" (if they were brought in for four-day-a-week instruction in classrooms), Holcomb told the committee.

Monday night’s meeting of the North Attleboro School Committee can be seen in its entirety on North TV’s Government Channel: Comcast channel 98 and Verizon channel 23. The meeting is also available for streaming by becoming a North TV Insider – a free service to North Attleboro and Plainville cable subscribers. People living outside of the two towns or those without cable can still become Insiders for the nominal monthly subscription rate of $2.99.

Click below to stream the portion of the meeting when committee members discuss and approve the capital items.