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Communication key in North's town hall

NORTH ATTLEBORO - Town Manager Michael Borg knows the importance of communication.


As a colonel in the U.S. Army, Borg relied on input from the men and women who relied on his decision making.


The same is true in government, even in a town the size of North Attleboro. Borg has met with department heads on a regular basis since the outbreak of COVID-19.


He told North TV's Peter Gay during a recording of "The Town Manager's Report" this week that he is in constant contact with Public Health Nurse Anne Marie Fleming and Superintendent of Schools Scott Holcomb. 


The information he receives is vital to everyone involved.


The same applies to residents. Ever since town hall reopened a couple of months ago, Borg has welcomed residents to sit down with him for one-on-one meetings.


The town manager also stressed the importance of having residents involved in meetings of town boards, adding the process has worked well even with the limitations put in place since the due to the coronavirus pandemic.


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